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Protect Your Fire Insurance Claim By Using Board Up and Tarp Services

12/26/2019 (Permalink)

Windows and doors of a building board up with plywood Boarding up your property reduces the chances of wildlife entering the premise

Protect Your Fire Insurance Claim By Using Board Up and Tarp Services

Strabane, PA, fire restoration companies often offer board up and tarp services as part of fire cleanup packages. The reason they offer such services is that mitigation is a significant part of passing the necessary insurance claims process and receiving the funding for the restoration project. With the use of appropriate mitigation practices, you, the property owner, can rest assured that your facility is protected against at least three potential problems.

  • Weather
  • Wildlife
  • Vagrants


For businesses that suffer extensive fire damage, roof repair is likely, mainly since rescue efforts may involve venting of the roofline. Therefore, once the fire is extinguished, your building is susceptible to weather damage from the increased exposure to the elements. Mitigation companies will use tarps to cover large holes in horizontal structures, reducing the risk of further water damage.


In addition to tarps, fire recovery companies will use plywood boards to seal any holes in the vertical structure, covering windows and doors that were damaged in the blaze. Boarding up your property reduces the chances of wildlife entering the premise, making fire cleanup simpler in the process because there will be no need to involve other services, like animal control. Your building will be completely sealed from most natural elements and wildlife intruders.


Last, board up services may reduce the risk of vagrants and vandals. However, depending on the area of your building, a mitigation expert may recommend the use of surveillance and fencing. In certain situations, they may even suggest posting security guards along the perimeter of the property to reduce your liability risk in the event of an accident.
While fire cleanup is necessary after a blaze, you cannot afford to overlook the importance of mitigation practices, especially as it relates to insurance claims. If your commercial property has experienced a fire, then reach out to a fire mitigation expert for board up and tarp service options.

Does My Rental Insurance Cover Mold Damage?

11/26/2019 (Permalink)

Drywall covered with mold Does your rental insurance cover mold damage? Give your Agent a call and ask them about mold coverage.

If you experience flooding in the home or apartment you are renting, a renter's insurance policy can be helpful in recovering costs for your damaged items. If mold removal does not lead to full repair, you should contact your insurance company to see about compensation or full replacement of your belongings.

Determining Cause

In order to receive compensation from your rental insurance company, you will need to prove how the mold damage was caused. Most commonly, rental policies cover mold caused by internal flooding. Internal flooding includes sitting water resulting from some of the following circumstances:

  • Dripping pipe
  • Leaky air conditioning unit
  • Pipe burst
  • Toilet overflow

Personal Property

As a renter, you are not likely to have a full homeowners insurance policy. Because you don't own the property, your policy doesn't need to cover structural concerns like roofing. Instead, a rental insurance policy will provide coverage only for your personal belongings within the space. Personal property can be anything from clothing to furniture. If these items become ruined in a flood beyond your control, your insurance policy may be helpful in recovering the costs associated with replacing damaged goods.

Landlord Responsibility

If mold damage is caused by circumstances of landlord neglect, your renters insurance policy may not provide coverage. Instead, your insurance company may suggest turning to the landlord for reimbursement. While you may seek compensation from your landlord, many rental contracts include written clauses to excuse the landlord from responsibility for damage of any personal property. If your rental insurance does not cover mold remediation, you may have a difficult time demanding compensation from the landlord responsible.
As you await compensation from your renters insurance policy, be sure to have any water or mold cleanup needs addressed right away. A black mold cleanup crew in Union Township, PA, can remove existing mold and prevent the spreading of further damage to the rest of your home and belongings.

3 Tips To Keep Frozen Pipes From Ruining Your Home

10/17/2019 (Permalink)

Faucet with water drop close up Let the faucet drip

Winter often brings cold weather to Cross Creek, PA. While snow, sleet and ice require you to throw on some extra layers before leaving the house, they can also spell disaster for your home’s plumbing system. As you probably know, water expands when it freezes. This expansion can put tremendous pressure on pipes, leading to a potential pipe burst. Here are three effective ways to keep your water line from freezing during cold winter months.

1. Find Exposed Pipes

Not all the pipes in your home are at equal risk for freezing. Generally, pipes in exposed areas and outer walls have a greater chance of sustaining damage during a cold spell. If you aren’t sure which pipes in your home are vulnerable, ask a plumber to explain your plumbing system to you.

2. Disconnect Outside Hoses

Leaving your hoses connected to exterior spickets during the winter can encourage a pipe burst. At the end of the watering season, disconnect and drain your houses. Also, consider placing insulation around exterior faucets to keep them from freezing when temperatures drop.

3. Let the Faucet Drip contracting with a reputable mold mitigation service, you have the equipment, skill and expertise to ensure your home returns to its pre-flood condition.

Electric Shock Drowning

5/28/2019 (Permalink)

Pool Safety

Don't let summer fun turn to tragedy. Electric shock drownings are a hidden danger in swimming pools, hot tubs and spas, and around boats, marinas, and launch ramps.

Electric shock drowning (ESD) can occur when faulty wiring sends an electrical current into the water. The current then passes through the body, causing paralysis, and results in drowning.

Life saving measures such as ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) protection and all grounding and bonding systems are functioning properly.

Pool Safety

Just a reminder that with such a rainy summer season in Hanover Township, PA this year, keep your eye on the sky for incoming storm events and rain. Thunder and lightening are best seen from inside the house, not inside the pool or hot tub.  Error on the side of caution, and get out of the water.

Finding the Right Restoration Company for Your Clients

3/24/2019 (Permalink)

When a major storm hits Strabane,PA contact SERVPRO for storm restoration services

Three Reasons to Choose SERVPRO as Your Preferred Vendor

When a major storm hits Strabane, PA, many of your clients' businesses will likely be affected. The storm restoration company you recommend for repairs needs to be Faster to Any Size Disaster. There are three reasons to choose SERVPRO as your preferred vendor.

1. Quick Response Time

The key to limiting damage after a storm is assessing and starting the cleanup process as soon as possible. The faster the storm response team in charge of the remediation can get there, the better. Quick assessment gives you the information you need to start processing claims. Speedy restoration can keep water damage from spreading or turning into mold damage. A 24-hour service line is the first step in making fast response a reality.

2. Corporate Resources

Both locally and corporately owned storm restoration businesses have their benefits. Local technicians are familiar with the area, and corporations have greater resources. When you can suggest a team that has both a local franchise with the backing of a national company, you get the best of both worlds. When a storm rages in Strabane, PA, the company can mobilize to make sure the local centers have all the equipment and support they need to serve the area.

3. Expert Service

When looking for a preferred vendor to recommend to your clients, you likely have some qualifications in mind. Flood damage remediation technicians should have specialized training to handle the water damage and sanitation process that is required after a flood. You may look for service providers who are certified, indicating that both their skills and experience meet national standards of excellence. A streamlined online documentation system can ensure that you have the latest updates on your clients' cases. All of these features in one partner help you serve your clients better.

When a natural disaster occurs in your clients' area, you need storm restoration services you can count on. A company that responds quickly with experience, expertise and the backing of a reliable corporation should be the one you call.

The Most Common Types of House Mold

3/6/2019 (Permalink)

Stachybotrys Ata, also known as black mold

5 Common Types of Mold Growth

Many species of mold flourish inside of houses, particularly after water damage. Find out more about five common types of mold growth.

1. Alternaria

Alternaria grows in damp areas. Most species have a fuzzy appearance and may be black, brown or gray in color depending on conditions and the point in the growth cycle.

2. Aspergillus

Aspergillus is a very common type of house mold, as spores tend to be more concentrated in indoor air than outdoor air. This genus favors materials containing cellulose or plant fibers. It is not uncommon to find Aspergillus growing on paper, textiles, insulation or wood exposed to high humidity. Species grow in many different colors, such as brown, black, gray, green, white or yellow.

3. Black Mold

The scientific name of black mold is Stachybotrys chartarum. This species is not always black and may be green early in its growth cycle. Stachybotrys chartarum produces mycotoxins and is known to be one of the most dangerous types of mold. Water damage often precedes black mold growth.

4. Cladosporium

Cladosporium tends to grow on damp building materials or textiles. This genus stands out for its ability to flourish in cooler temperatures compared to other types of mold. Cladosporium is usually black or dark green in color.

5. Penicillium

Penicillum is set apart by its blue or green color and pungent odor. This type of mold flourishes in porous materials exposed to water and is a common cause of produce spoilage. There are about 200 species of penicillum, and some are known to produce mycotoxins.

These are five of the most common genera or types of mold found in houses and other structures. Homeowners may be able to clean up a minor infestation, but it can be difficult to determine the full extent of mold growth. For the best results, contact a mold remediation company in Hanover Township, PA.

How Does SERVPRO Support Insurance Claims?

2/18/2019 (Permalink)

SERVPRO is certified with fire, water and mold damage

SERVPRO is a damage mitigation and restoration company with franchises across the country. Only locations that meet the requirements of a Participation Agreement can receive insurance client referrals. Find out more about the claim services Preferred Vendors may provide.

Certification and Participation Agreement

Whenever an insured homeowner or insurance company representative calls to report damage, their information is only forwarded to a franchise that meets Participation Agreement requirements. Each location must agree to operate in accordance with rigorous guidelines:

  • Business insurance coverage
  • Employee background checks
  • Proper job documentation

This agreement includes 21 points in total. Franchise owners and employees are also encouraged to achieve and maintain Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification. Insurers prefer to work with IICRC-certified vendors.

Electronic Resources

SERVPRO also maintains a Claims Information Center to make it easier for insurance representatives to access estimates and data. Agents and adjusters can use electronic claim services to view:

  • Estimates
  • Collected data on losses
  • Company comparisons

This service supports communication between mitigation and restoration professionals and insurers. The availability of information can make it easier to process and settle claims.

Fast Response Times

Insurers are more likely to cover a claim if immediate action is taken to mitigate damage. A fast response time can make an insurer more likely to cover work done by a damage remediation company. Seek call response times within an hour, on-site visits scheduled within four hours and a verbal briefing within eight hours. Insurers may also want to compare average emergency response times and job file costs.

All of these factors set SERVPRO apart as a Preferred Vendor. An insurance agent or homeowner should not hesitate to contact the company in the event of any type of damage at a residence in Union Township, PA. An estimate will be made available to insurers, and other claim services will support timely processing and successful settlement.

Why Does Black Mold Thrive in Showers?

1/23/2019 (Permalink)

Bathrooms with a shower should be properly ventilated to prevent mold growth due to humidity

A shower provides the perfect combination of conditions for black mold and other varieties of fungus to thrive. Find out why shower mold is a common problem and how to discourage mold growth in a bathroom.

Showers Are Moist

Mold requires moisture in order to grow. If water is left to linger in a shower or bathroom after bathing, colonies of fungus may form. There are several ways to lower moisture levels:

  • Use a ventilation fan rated for the size of the bathroom
  • Use a squeegee to remove water from shower walls or doors
  • Ensure that grout lines are sealed to prevent leaks

These measures can reduce a major factor in mold growth. It is also important to keep bathrooms clean.

Organic Material Is Available

Fungi require food in order to multiply. This nutriment comes in the form of any type of organic material. In addition to maintaining low moisture levels when a shower is not in use, there are several shower mold prevention measures homeowners should take:

  • Regularly clean and scrub bathroom surfaces
  • Deep clean tile grout one or two times a month
  • Use an anti-mildew product or a solution of one part bleach to nine parts water

Consistent bathroom maintenance combined with drying measures and proper ventilation can prevent mold from becoming a problem. Any one of these factors may reduce the likelihood of fungal growth, but all of these methods should be combined to banish bathroom mold.

The presence of moisture and food sources allow for the growth of shower mold. A homeowner who wants to prevent black mold or other types of fungus should take measures to promote drying and keep a shower and bathroom clean. If a shower leak results in a persistent moldy smell, this may indicate the presence of hidden mold. Contact a water damage restoration and mold remediation service in Strabane, PA.

Fall Check For Increased Pollutants & Risk Load

10/18/2018 (Permalink)

Pollutants can be around the home, or actually stored within the home, and may increase the probability of fire, or other risk events.  Think about items being stored in and around the home, and check with local municipalities for correct disposal methods.  Some examples of items we keep, and may forget about for many, many years: oil, grease, and toxic chemicals; pesticides and lawn and garden treatments; viruses and bacteria can materialize from forgotten pet waste, and failing septic systems; heavy metals from roof shingles, and other sources.  Fall, like Spring, is a great time--before the days get really short, to clean the gutters, walk the property and look for ill or dying trees, test the furnace and the smoke detector batteries, and removed items which may have been stored much too long.


6/4/2018 (Permalink)

Mold is bigger than us. Our professionals use advanced water detection equipment to locate the source of the problem and remediate (remove/take away) any mold or water damage.  It's important to note that mold--just like us--needs fed.  Areas with moisture, darkness, and no ventilation are ideal to feed mold, and help it grow and thrive.  Remember to find the food source for the mold.  You don't want to remove the mold, only to have it return yet again due to a hidden leaking pipe, ground water seeping into the building, absence of a French drain or sump pump, leaking roof, or a cracked foundation--these examples come from a very long list of ways mold can be fed.  The source of their food (the moisture) must be solved and removed in order to ensure that the mold will not return.